Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Lana Jane Health & Fitness services. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question then simply get in touch here.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if Personal Training is right for me?

Almost everyone can benefit from personal training in some way, however the best way to find out more is to book in for a free coonsultation. At the consultation we can talk through how training works and I can answer any questions you may have. Simply fill in the form on the contact page and I will be in touch ASAP to get you booked in.

If I buy a pack of 1-1 personal training sessions do I have to train at the same time and day each week?

All 1-1 personal training clients are encourgaged to chose time slots that they can stick to each week, for those looking for peak times this is a must. If you occassioanlly need to move I will obviously be as flexible as possible and try to fit you in at another time. For those buying for off-peak times you can change your session time and day from week to week if you would like. If you chose to do this it does sometimes mean you may not get your first option, or you may have to miss a week if you cannot fit around regular clients with a set time slot. For those buying Small Group Training sessions, having a set time slot each week is a must.

I am going on holiday for a few weeks, can I defer my sessions?

Short answer, YES! When you buy a pack of 5 or 10 1-1 personal training sessions they are yours to use as and when you wish. I would always recommend staying consistent and doing at least 1 or 2 sessions per week, otherwise you won't see good results. That said, we all have work commitments and may need to miss a week every now and then, and that's not a problem. HOWEVER packs do have an expiry date: A 5 pack of 1-1 sessions expires 8 weeks after date of purchase A 10 pack of 1-1 sessions expires 15 weeks after date of purchase

I have bought a block of 6 Small Group Training sessions with a few friends, I am away next week but my friends still want to train. Do I lose that sessions or can I catch up and have a 1-1 session instead?

Short answer, you would lose the session. BUT please read on! When you sign up to Small Group Training you should select a set time slot that does not change from week to week. If there is a week where NONE of your group/pair can train, the session can be deferred to another week, OR moved depending on availability. If their is a week where ONE of the group cannot train, it is up to the group as a whole to make a decision about whether to go ahead with the session. If they chose not to go ahead the session can be deferred or moved, as above. If they chose to go ahead with the session, the individual who cannot attend would lose that session. It is just like if you sign up to a 10 week block classes at a gym but can't attend one.

I am looking to lose weight for a big event in 3 months times, how long will it take me?

This is a very frequently asked question that there is not an easy answer for. Obviously the more time you give yourself the better. If you leave it too late you will likely end up on a fad diet, losing weight in an unsustainable way. As a rough guide, losing approx. 2lbs per week is thought to be sustainable and achieveable. However, it is important to understand that there are numerous factors that will impact how long it takes you too lose weight e.g. How much weight you want/have to lose, how consistent you are with eating and exercising and your own personal genetics etc. If you are unsure the best thing to do is to get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page, then you can get booked in for a free consultation.

I have an injury, can I still sign up for Personal Training?

Most likely, Yes! Personal Training can be a great way of getting back to exercise effectively and safely followng and injury. It can also be very useful if you have a injury and want help strengthening the area and learning to work safely with your injury. On top of that, effective training programs can reduce risk of injury/further injury. That being said a Personal Trainer is not a Physiotherapist, and Osteopath or an MRI scanner, therefore trainers cannot technically dianose an injury. Therefore if you have an undiagnosed niggle or injury I would always suggest seeing a physiotherapist, Osteopath, Doctor or similar before starting training. The trainer, Physio/Osteo and yoourself can then work effectively together to ensure you are getting the most effective and safe training for your goals and your injury.

I am considering having a Sports Massage but have never had one before, do they hurt?

A Sports Massage is a great way of alleviating the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. They can be great for anyone from an elite athelte, a busy office worker to a stay at home mum. If you have never had one before then remeber it's not a relaxation massage, don't expect candles and spa music! That said it doesn't mean it has to painful, a good sports masseuse will work with you to ensure you get all the benefits of massage within your comfort zone. You should expect a good mixure of manual soft tissue techniques (massage), some assisted stretching and some at home aftercare advice such as foam rolling and stretching techniques. If you are particularly concerned, make sure you voice your concerns prior to your massage.

When I buy a package of Personal Training do I get help and advice between sessions?

YES! When you buy a pack of 5 or more Personal Training/Small Group Training sessions you automatically get the Lana Jane Health & Fitness Nutrition Guide. You will also be provided with workout programs to do inbetween sessions, these are personalised so will vary between each individual. As well as you can always email, call or text between sessions to get extra advice if you need it!

What is your cancellation policy for training sessions, massage and nutrition appointments?

For cancellations of any training sessions with less than12 hours notice you will be charged the full price of that session. For cancellation of a sports massage or nutrition appointment with less than 12 hours notice you will be charged 50% of the appointment.

I am interested in getting an individualised menu plan with details of exactly what I should eat (including weights of food) each day, do you offer this?

As a personal trainer with specific nutrition and sports nutrition training/degree I can give individualised nutrition advice. However I cannot and do not offer individualised menu plan with details of exactly what I should eat (including weights of food) each day. I do offer advice on how to change your diet, example menu plans, individualised recipes and meals ideas, portion control and nutriton education.

Would you come to my home or to my local Park for personal training?

The majority of clients take up personal training in Raynes Park at SW20 Training Zone, this is a small, private, friendly training studio where only clients with trainers can exercise (it is not open to the general public). The studio offers most of the same equipment as a gym so provides a great environment for all fitness levels and abilities. However, for some this may not be their prefered enviroment and thus I do offer training sessions in peoples homes or the park. I do generally encourage peoople to try the studio at least once, people are often surprised at how much more they get out of a session when they leave their everyday surroundings - getting away from the norm can be a great way to help break old habits!

Which areas do you cover?

I work mainly from SW20 Training Zone in Raynes Park, but I also cover New malden and Wimbledon and Southfields.

Do you train pre & postnatal ladies?

YES! I have trained many ladies throughout pregnancy and after birth - it is such a rewarding and exciting journey to share with a client. Providing you have medical clearance to exercise there is no reason that you can't engage in some form of activity. There are large bodies of evidence to suggest exercising during pregancy can be very beneficial to both baby and mother (and maybe even partner too)! The type of exercise and the intensity of exercise will be very individual, dependant on previous exercise experience as well as numerous other individual factors.